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Monday - Retail Deli Closed

Tuesday -
french dip sandwich w/ side  $10.95
fajita plate w/ rice & beans $10.95
ortega burger w/ side $10.95
Salad of the day - grilled fajita tostada $10.95


Wednesday -
hot & spicy tri tip philly w/ side $10.95
tri tip plate w/ 2 sides & garlic bread $11.50

chicken chipotle tacos w/ rice & beans $9.95
Salad of the day - grilled tri tip caesar $10.95


Thursday -
grilled turkey sandwich w/ side $10.95
beef brisket plate w/ 2 sides $12.50
pulled pork tacos w/ rice & beans $9.95
Salad of the day - spinach salad  $10.95


Friday -
rib eye steak sandwich w/ side $10.95
smoked pork plate w/ 2 sides $10.50
chili verde tacos w/ rice & beans $9.95
Salad of the day - grilled chicken caesar  $10.95


Saturday -
grilled pastrami w/ side $10.95
machacca tacos w/ rice & beans $9.95
grill combo plate w/ 2 sides $14.50
Salad of the day - bend's best turkey salad  $10.95


Sunday - Retail Deli Closed


While your here check out our revamped  deli case filled with both marinated meats ready to cook or cooked bbq ready for you to heat and serve. Make sure to ask about our FREE BBQ service.

Let us cook for you and we will have it ready for you to pick up along with a six pack of your favorite beverage on your way home after your busy day...